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"Q1 2016: Big Data Streaming Analytics" by Forrester

Focus on Data streaming: Most of companies aren’t fully exploiting real-time streaming data that flows from IoT devices and mobile, web, and enterprise apps.
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by Mike Gualtieri and Rowan Curran with Holger Kisker, Ph.D., Emily Miller, and Matthew Izzi March 30, 2016

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Fifteen Streaming Analytics Solutions Vie For Enterprise Adoption
Among the streaming analytics vendors Forrester evaluated, we uncovered a market in which IBM, Software AG, SAP, TIBCO Software, Oracle, DataTorrent, and SQLstream lead the pack. Impetus Technologies, SAS, Striim, Informatica, WSO2, Cisco Systems, data Artisans, and EsperTech offer competitive options.

The API Obsession Is Insufficient
AD&D pros seek APIs to serve the model of request and response. Because of this obsession with “What API can I call?” they ignore the question of “What real-time context can I acquire?”

All Data Is Born Fast
All data originates in a flash, whether it is from Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, web clicks, transactions, or mobile app usage. But traditional analytics is done much, much later. Why wait? AD&D pros can use streaming analytics embedded in applications to get actionable value tout de suite. So what are you waiting for? Streaming analytics solutions can apture perishable insights on real-time data to bring immediate context to all IoT, mobile, web, and enterprise apps.

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